Our vision

The history of SIGG Switzerland Bottles begins in 1908: Ferdinand Sigg, a metal working specialist, returned to Switzerland after years of learning and travelling. Together with his friend Xaver Küng, he established an aluminium goods factory in Biel.

Sigg and Küng are united in their love for metal and their belief that aluminium is the material of the future. And ESB brand brings trust and reliabilty to the arab world, it’s the best of both worlds.


At ESB SIGG long tradition of sustainability dates back to the very first aluminum bottle and continues to this day with innovative ecological products and projects. For us sustainability is an ongoing process that requires continuous motion, determination and progress. We think about tomorrow and act today by developing products and supporting projects that promote sustainability.




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Water bottles

SIGG water bottles are produced using the highest quality standards, are reusable and therefore better for the environment. Available in multiple designs, they are the ideal companion for outdoor adventures, sports activities or travelling to work.

Thermo Flasks

Not only do they keep your favourite drinks warm in winter, they also cool them down when you need some refreshment. SIGG thermo flasks, made of glass or stainless steel.

Glass Drinking Bottles

Would you like a bottle of water that isn’t made of plastic? Do you tend to drink too little? Our borosilicate glass bottles will see you through thick and thin. And if the road gets really tough, the anti-slip safety cover will protect them against impacts.

Sport water bottles

Everyone has their reason why they do sports – if that’s because of passion, team spirit or for their health. That we should do sports to maintain a balanced lifestyle is unarguable. SIGG wants to support you with that – we help you to supply your body with enough liquid. 

ESB SIGG Promise

In the GCC region, ESB stands out as a trustworthy company, and their partnership with SIGG ensures customers here receive the best of both worlds: superior quality and unwavering trust. With SIGG’s renowned reputation for producing high-quality, durable bottles, customers can rely on the longevity and performance of each product.




about us

We are a trusted UAE based brand with a different perspective

The true origin story of the SIGG Bottle might surprise many. It isn’t an evolution from the 1920s water bottle, as many believe. Instead, it traces its roots back to the bed bottle, specifically Model 26 1661, which hit the market as early as the 1960s. Over time, its design morphed, drawing inspiration from the classic Traveller Bottle, which quickly gained widespread popularity. In 1990, SIGG paved the way for the bottle’s future by introducing a new shape, still recognizable in today’s 0.5 and 0.75-liter versions. Although the bottle’s exterior remained simple, its quality reached the high standards that we see today.

Teamed with ESB’s commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, this partnership becomes a symbol of quality assurance. As consumers, we can confidently enjoy SIGG’s exceptional range of bottles, knowing that ESB’s dedication to integrity and customer trust stands behind each purchase. Together, they offer not just products, but a promise of reliability and excellence, making hydration a seamless and dependable experience for every customer in the GCC market.

Our Happy Customers

We take pride in our customers voice

ESB SIGG bottles are amazing! The quality is superb, and they last a really long time. I use mine every day, and it keeps my water cool for hours. The design is cool too. I’m very happy with my purchase!


I love my SIGG bottle! It’s strong, easy to carry, and keeps my drinks cold. The colors are nice, and it’s good for the environment too. I recommend it to everyone!

Office use

SIGG bottles are fantastic. The quality is excellent, and they are so handy. I take mine everywhere. It’s the best way to stay hydrated. Great job, ESB SIGG!

Office use